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TMTL Solar Power solutions

About TMTL Solar

The Solar vertical of TMTL Engines Division aims to provide best-in-class solutions in the solar power generation segment, maximizing efficiency and dependability. Its team of experts follow the most reliable and innovative technology that leverages renewable energy. Being an established brand in the diesel engines, agro-engines, gensets and power generation space, TMTL envisages being a global leader in solar power solutions in the near future.

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Core Competencies

tmtl solar energy

Superior engineering, product design and delivery
tmtl solar energy

Quality and cost balance
tmtl solar energy

On-time execution and delivery
tmtl solar energy

Cost optimization through intelligent engineering
tmtl solar energy

Optimum energy generation and distribution
tmtl solar energy

Reliable after-sales support

Research & Development

TMTL is committed to offering best-in-class services and solutions. Its Centre of Excellence Team (CoE) at Alwar understands the ever-changing dynamics of the market, which helps in designing and developing customized solutions to the customers. The Centre of Excellence team does advanced testing, simulation, performance prediction and design engineering of Solar PV and Hybrid Systems at regular intervals, to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

TMTL Solar has designed and developed pilot scale solar hybrid projects for various applications and has successfully demonstrated prototype projects with integration of Solar PV, diesel generator sets, grid electricity and battery bank (both lead acid as well as Lithium-ion battery technologies).

Advanced Tools and Software for System Design

Feasibility Assessment

tmtl solar energy

SUN EYE : Tool for shading analysis &
capturing sun path

Project Design & Simulation

tmtl solar energy

Advanced tools for weather data &
energy yield assessment

Superior Engineering

tmtl solar energy

Tool for structural design

QC & Performance Assessment

tmtl solar energy

Thermography & IV test for
performance assessment

Why Go Solar?

Why should one go for Solar Power Solutions:

tmtl solar energy


Helps in getting a net off for yourunused electricity produced, through solar power solution



Helps in eliminating distribution losses



Helps in monetizing vacant space



Take a meaningful step towards a greener planet. Solar solutions helpin RPO fulfilment through a clean and green energy production



Helps in getting100% depreciation in 3 Years

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About TMTL

TMTL – TAFE Motors and Tractors Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of TAFE – Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited, comprises three manufacturing divisions, the Tractors Division, the Engines Division and the Transmissions Division. TMTL was established in 2005, when TAFE acquired the Tractors, Engines and Gears divisions of Eicher Motors Limited in 2005.

TMTL’s Tractors Division at Mandideep near Bhopal, manufactures tractors under the Eicher brand, addressing the dynamic market demands in agriculture and needs of the modern farmers with a comprehensive range of tractors, implements and farm solutions, that are acknowledged for their rugged build quality, efficiency and low cost of operation. TMTL is probably the only manufacturer of both, air-cooled and water-cooled tractors in the world. Its top-of-the-line Research and Development (R&D) facility is capable of designing and developing new tractor models with its in-house prototype development and tooling competencies, that sets exemplary standards in the industry.

TMTL’s Engines Division manufactures specially designed engines for stationary and automotive applications and has a strong presence in the retail, agro, telecom and industrial segments. Based at Alwar, Rajasthan, the unit manufactures diesel engines and gensets in the 5 to 125 kVA range, that are marketed as Eicher Engines (upto 45 kVA) and TMTL Engines (62.5 kVA & above).

TMTL’s Transmissions Division, which houses an advanced manufacturing facility in Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh, is capable of producing a range of gears, shafts and housings for captive consumption and OEMs.

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