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    Industrial Engine
    1121 ES/1122 ES
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Industrial Engine 1121 ES/1122 ES

Technical Specification

Engine Model 1121 ES / 1122 ES
Rated Power 78.29 kW / 89.48 kW
Number of Cylinders 4 nos
Cooling System Water
Fan Type Pusher
Bore x Stroke 108 mm X 134 mm
Displacement 4910 cc
Governing Class A1
Compression Ratio 17:1
Injection Type DI
Fuel Injection Pump Rotary
Engine Fuel Diesel
Aspiration Type Turbo Charger with Intercooler
Rated Power @ Speed 1500 rpm / 1800 rpm
Firing Order 1-3-4-2
Direction of Rotation (from flywheel end) Anti-clockwise
Starting Type Electric Start
Air Cleaner type Dry Type
Element Replacement Primary - 1200 hours
Safety - 3600 hours
Battery Capacity 12 V, 130 Ah
Alternator - Battery Charging 14.5 V, 45 A
Lubrication Oil Volume (With Oil Filter) 15 litres
Lubrication Oil (API) SAE 15W40 CF4
Lub-Oil Filter Element (Cartridge / Spin-on) Spin-on
Fuel Filter Primary and Seconary
Engine Size (LxBxH) 1471 mm x 985 mm x 1360 mm
Flywheel SAE 10
Flywheel Housing SAE 3
Weight (With Flywheel) 640 kg

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