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    Agro Engine 422 TC

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Agro Engine 422 TC

Technical Specification

Engine Model - 422 TC
Engine Type - DI
Aspiration - Natural
Number of stroke Nos 4
Number of Cylinders Nos 3
Bore X Stroke mm x mm 100 x 125
Displacement cc 2945
Compression ratio - 17.1 : 1
Rated Speed Rpm 1500
Rated Power as per IS 10000 - Continuous Rating
Rated Power as per IS 10000 hp 46
Direction of rotation (View from Flywheel Side) - Anti clockwise
High idle speed Rpm 1560 +8
Low idle speed Rpm 750 ± 50
Governing as per BS 5514 - Mechanical - Class A2
Cooling medium Air / Water / oil Air
Air cleaner choke indicator Electrical / Mechanical Yes
Air Cleaner type - Dry
Air cleaner oil capacity Liters NA
Total Lubrication oil capacity(Sump + Filter) Liters 9.5
Lubrication filter Type / No. of filters Spin-on / Single
Lubrication oil consumption % of fuel consumption <0.5
Lubrication oil type API 15W40-CF4
Lubricating oil & oil filter change period Hrs 250
Starter motor rating Volt / KW 12/2.7
Alternator rating for battery charging Volt / Amperes 12 V/23 Amp
Engine fuel - HSD
Fuel Filter Type Double bowl Paper Elements
Fuel Tank Capacity Liters 40
oil pressure switch Yes / No Yes
Liner temp. Sensor Yes / No Yes
Engine Size l x b x h mm x mm x mm 849x728x2000
Weight kg 415

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